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Radio Interviews

CTV Vancouver Island news anchor Joe Perkins interviews Sarah about her book, dating and her 3-week Kickstarter campaign live on air. (recorded live November 14th, 2016)

CBC Radio host Robyn Burns discusses modern dating in the city of Victoria and what "putting yourself out there" really means. (recorded live November 17th, 2016)

Ocean 98.5 morning radio hosts AJ and Lisa talk with Sarah about the Kickstarter campaign, her book, plus dating tips and advice. (recorded live November 18th, 2016)

CFAX 1070 radio host Mark Brennae interviews Sarah on the creation of the survey for her book, online dating profile optimization and the perils of serial dating. (recorded live on January 26th, 2017)

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Newspaper Features

Times Colonist reporter Sarah Petrescu looks at the climate of dating in Victoria, with insight from Sarah Kittenmittens on finding love in a culture set on online interactions. Among other topics, we discuss my experiences with how receptive modern men are to expanding and growing emotionally in order to achieve more authentic levels of love and relationships, as well as, what inspired me to write Life After Dating

Find the full article here, via the Times Colonist website. 

Acclaim & Book Reviews

"I laughed and closed my eyes in shock at the same time! A raw and inspiring adventure that the author so bravely tells will have you laughing, empathizing and most importantly, feeling empowered! I most appreciate that this is a journey of self healing that, although includes men and dating, isn't about finding 'the one' and then becoming whole, it's about being whole regardless of having 'the one'. As a therapist and an avid reader I would recommend this book for women of all ages!" 
-Ginger Henderson, Registered Therapeutic Counselor

"I sat down and read it cover-to-cover today! It was so entertaining and so relevant to my single life right now! thanks and congrats to Sarah ...Really a great read!!!" 

"I loved this book! Sarah's humour, great writing style and authentic experiential advice was well worth the read. This is a succinct guide to dating that single or taken, woman or man, can benefit from reading." 

"Chills! 'We’re not looking for firefighters ladies, we’re looking for goddamn fire starters.' Awesome article. And 'AHA!' perspective." 
-Janine C.

"I couldn't put this book down! Such a fun and easy read, full of perspectives I would never have thought of! It's so wonderful to finally find a book about dating that is real, based on thoughts and experiences I could connect with. Funny and educational...I even learned a few things about myself." 

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